As we grow up our life changes. There comes a time when mum and dad says that it’s time for to move out. Now this is not always easy. Where do you go? Do you move in with mates, do you make the decision to rent your own spot, who knows. But for about 20 years you have been slowly building a bedroom full of stuff. Mum and dad want you to take it with you.

Reality check: Wherever you move to unless you buy your own home, you may not have the space you once enjoyed. You can rent a room with a friend or relative, but you may have severe restrictions on the space that you use. Don’t despair as this the best time of your life; you are out of mum and dad’s hair, go and find that penthouse apartment and leave the storage to us at My Self Storage Glenn Waverley!

We have plenty a spaces to suit students and those of just moved out of home. Over time you will form relationships with other people and some of you will get married. When you do this is the merging of two you families’ possessions for all of their life. You may have a clean out and get rid of stuff that you don’t need but on the other hand, you might need a storage space from My Self Storage Glenn Waverley to store that excess stuff that the merging of two families brings.

As your family grows, so does wealth creation and in time you start to buy a lot of stuff. Your interests change and you may be the outdoor type the goes camping or you might even be the type that buys a jet ski or a boat or likes fishing. You might even have a hobby that takes up the whole garage: who knows!

We see these life events every day at My Self Storage Glenn Waverley. We have a storage space to suit all of these life events and many more. As your family grows up they will move out too. With a bit of luck you get those rooms back that you’ve been paying for the last 20 years, but if you don’t, we have a storage space for you at My Self Storage Glenn Waverley!

Now that you’re older, it’s time to help out your parents. It’s time for them to move from the large home to the small home or even the retirement home. A lifetime of amassing wealth and items all comes down to this time. No need to worry as we have a storage space for your parents at My Self Storage Glenn Waverley.

Life events need not be complicated by trying to work out where stuff needs to go, we have a full range of packaging and merchandise materials to help you with each one of these events as they unravel in your life.

Contact us today and see how your life event can be made easier by using a self storage space at My Self Storage Glenn Waverley.