With home units and apartments emerging as the most popular way for many to enter the housing market, so storage space will become the obvious addition for any new renter. New renters may not have much in the way of belongings, it doesn’t take long to need some extra space.

Whilst local industry figures are scarce, places like Chicago in the USA have around 35% of unit dwellers using Self Storage. The number is particularly high for residents that only rent a one-bedroom apartment.

Self Storage offers the flexibility for unit residents to store those extra items that just cannot fit in a one-bedroom apartment. In most cases it’s cheaper to rent a one-bedroom apartment and a local Self Storage space than it is to rent a two-bedroom apartment and use the second bedroom for storage. That second bedroom can be rented out to reduce the cost of living.

Moreover, there are more things you can store in a Self Storage space than in the spare bedroom – especially outdoor items like garden furniture and tools etc.

Your lifestyle does not have to suffer because you live in a one or two bedroom apartment, commonly jet skis motorbikes quad bikes and other sporting equipment is often stored with us at allowing unit owners and renters the opportunity you have an outdoor lifestyle. In a small apartment, clutter is the big killer. There is just not that extra space to cope with books and sometimes even personal clothing. At My Self Storage glen Waverley, we can help you find a storage solution that will suit your needs and your budget and don’t forget we have packaging materials as well!