Christmas Self Storage ideas

At this time of year, Santa is very busy processing thousands of requests from children at shopping centres all over Australia. Not all those requests are for iPods or iPads or small games…

Some children still prefer the outdoors and ask for slippery slides, forts, trampolines, play equipment, swings, bikes, tricycles and much more!

With city urbanisation continuing at a frantic pace, where are Santa’s helpers supposedly going to store these larger items before the big day.

Self Storage provides a convenient and low cost place to store those large items prior to Christmas. At our Self Storage facility we have many sizes to suit from the smallest locker space right up to large units that can contain a whole house full of items.

Christmas is also a time when people move at it’s a very busy time for removalists. Moving plans don’t always go to plan and if you have sold your house and your new house is not ready you’re going to need a Self Storage space for all of your household furniture until the new house is ready.

Christmas New Year is a peak time for Self Storage so it’s wise to book early if you know you’re going to need a Self Storage space is generally most of our spaces are filled. We have short-term spaces and longer term spaces depending on your need.

Once you’ve decided to move there is no doubt you will need packing materials. We have a full range of boxes, cartons, bubble wrap, tape and much more to help you prepare for your packing. Most people underestimate the amount of boxes that they need for the big move and it is false economy to buy large boxes only as these can be difficult to manhandle once they become too heavy. Choose the smaller book/wine cartons for everyday household items and don’t forget to label them. Ask Andrew or Julie (Santa’s Self Storage assistants) about second hand boxes. they plan to save you money.

Self Storage has been a friend of Santa for many years, he has a lot of work to do at this time of the year and sharing the load with us at our Self Storage facility makes a little bit easier on Santa and especially his helpers. There’s nothing worse than small investigators wandering through the house just checking to see if Santa has come early!