Christmas Storage – Santa’s Big Helper.

It’s no secret, kids will search high and low Christmas present in your house and they are not the only ones the big kids are the worst!

So how can Self Storage help you solve this major problem at Christmas? Simple, we will store your Christmas presents right up to Christmas Eve and keep them away from prying eyes and inquisitive children!

We have a space to suit all types of presents, even cars! You would be surprised what some people give each other for Christmas and trying to hide that very special present can be impossible.

Mum’s the word with us we won’t tell anyone what you have bought them!

Christmas is also a time when people go on holidays. We can store your valuable items or even items that you may not normally think of storing over the holiday period.

It’s not always easy to pack those Christmas presents either and we have a full range of merchandise bubble wrap and other packing items to help you prepare for storage, especially if you are sending items overseas.

The basic rules of self storage mean that some items cannot be stored like food, animals, fuels, combustible items, explosives, guns, rocket launchers etc.

Lawnmowers and whippersnippers should be drained of fuel first.

Christmas is also a very busy time for removalists, so book early to avoid any disappointment. Many move around Christmas time to start new jobs, often in new states. If you have a storage need in another state just ask our friendly staff for advice on who to use where you are moving.

We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year and remember we can help you with all of your storage needs we can help with your removal and no storage problem cannot be solved by us.