Downsize your home and save!

We all accumulate stuff over time, drawers full of gear, gifts that we never used and never will, furniture and much more. Experts call this “clutter”.

As we get older, larger homes can become a burden. Sometimes we have family that we can offload gear to We can donate stuff to charity, but many items have sentimental value and whilst you may not have the space for them in a downsized home, it does not mean that you cannot have access to these goods.

Self Storage provides the ideal solution to this problem, thousands use Self Storage to store the excess furniture, personal belongings and even business records. More often than not a Self Storage space is a cheaper option than the additional costs of a larger home.

Many make a lifestyle choice to live in small apartments or home units. These living options rarely provide enough storage space for people or families that are mobile. If you enjoy water sports, then Self Storage can provide a space to store your jet ski or even your boat. Self Storage is ideal if you have a second car and need to store it somewhere, especially if you go away regularly and Self Storage is a better cost option than expensive airport parking.

Self Storage is a great option if you downsize your home. A Self Storage space provides flexibility and you only need to pay for the space that you need. If you rent a property or you own a property you are always paying rent or a mortgage on space that you never use.

Use Self Storage wisely and save money.