Our parcel concierge service can save you time and money and best of all it is free so long as you are storing with us. It is simple, just address your parcel direct to us and be sure to add your unit number and name as a reference. We are on the regular courier runs with daily deliveries. Parcels are accepted on your behalf and placed in a holding unit at reception. Our SMS service notifies you a parcel has arrived and all we ask is that you collect and clear this from our holding unit within 72 hours.

We also allow outgoing parcels to be collected from your favourite courier. Once again you must make sure it is correctly labelled and registered with a courier. Once the paperwork is done just leave the parcel in our holding unit and the couriers will collect the next time they pass through.

This service is perfectly suited to those small to medium size online businesses looking to distribute stock. If you value your time or are paying staff to sit around waiting for deliveries why not use this service. Courier delivery windows can be up to 4 hours long or even worse your parcel may be left unsecured on your doorstep. Then there is the missed delivery note that everyone hates directing you to pick up your parcel elsewhere.

We don’t just restrict this service to business storers, it is available to all so long as you have a unit with us. If the name on the parcel matches a storage unit holder you will receive a SMS informing you a parcel has arrived awaiting collection.