With millions tuning in every night to watch Channel 9’s “The Block”, it easy to be bitten by the renovation bug!

But where do we start? All that stuff is just lying around in all the rooms and there’s nowhere extra where all staff can go. Self storage is the answer.
Before you start renovating give one of our friendly staff a call and they can work out the best size of storage space it you will need prior to starting the big job of renovating.
You will actually save a lot of time if you move key items into storage and get them out of the way whilst you undertake building works, repainting, re-flooring and redecoration.

Self Storage starts from around two dollars a day and you will save money fast if you move your furniture and gear into Self Storage space. If you have to move furniture and bedding around especially when carpets are being laid you can end up paying more money because it takes the contract more time to do the work. It’s also pretty inconvenient. You may even find that after you’ve renovated you don’t need so much gear in the first place, so some cases it off to the Treasure market on Sunday morning!

We have a full range of packaging materials, boxes, tape and protective products to make sure that your goods in storage are protected.

Consider that when you are renovating that there are bargains out there every day from white goods to furniture and floor coverings and more. You can have these goods delivered directly to your Self Storage space if you’re not ready for them in your renovated space. Make the purchases now and save and even with a small additional cost of Storage you won’t have to be shopping around when a space that is being renovated is complete. If you’re not sure of what space you need, ask us. We are here to help.