Last December, more than 10,000 vehicles were damaged by hail on Christmas Day in a freak storm that hit Melbourne.

Whilst Insurers and car repairers started to process the thousands of claims for smashed windscreens, dented roofs and panels, hail storms pose a direct threat to cars and vehicles parked outside, especially to those who go away and cannot get to their vehicle to move them undercover fast enough.

This time in Melbourne, the storms left a trail of smashed cars and buildings through the northern suburbs, again crossing from west to east in a narrowr band with fewer exposed vehicle sales yards.
The damage bill is still was so big that the Insurance Council of Australia declared the event a catastrophe.

So far, insurers have received 15,000 claims, two thirds of which relate to damage to vehicles. That’s why a Storage solution is your best bet if your not around to move your car, especially if you are overseas.

Since Christmas Day, insurance companies have received more than 15,000 claims, including about 11,000 on December 27 and 28 alone.

If you’re planning a trip away, then store your car or van or boat with us; we have attractive rates and one thing is for sure – on your return it won’t look like its had more hits than the Beatles.