It’s easy to store your goods with friends and family, We all do it sometimes. Is it a good idea? No and here’s why…

The Self Storage Association of Australasia is the peak industry body for the Self Storage industry in Australia and New Zealand. Over 85% of Self Storage Stores are members of the Association, including all the major operators and of course My Self Storage Glen Waverley.

The Association represents over 1100 Self Storage facilities in Australia and New Zealand and over 100 in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Korea and the Middle East.

Self Storage Association members use industry standard storage agreements which ensure the storer and the business receive suitable legal protection. The agreement outlines the responsibilities of both parties when using self storage.

The Association also has a code of ethics that all members must abide by.

The biggest threat to storing your goods is not to store at a member facility. It’s easy to store with mum and dad or the neighbour or a friend – but are your goods really safe?

What would happen if they had a break in flood or fire? How would you feel? Moreover, could you claim on their Insurance? Do they even have Insurance? If they rent the property are they in breach of the Lease by storing other peoples goods? How would you even know?

Is it really a good idea? No.

Storing with an SSAA member like us, provides you with agreement protection and we have Insurance – your neighbour or friends may not. You can take out goods Insurance to provide you with cover. Self Storage is a safe and reliable way to store your valuables – we are the experts and know how to look after your goods.

Accidents and Storms happen. Be covered whilst your store. If you want to keep your friends – Store with us!