Interview with Julie King of My Self Storage Glen Waverley

Andrew: What drives the King Family to keep investing in self storage?
Julie King: The King family has provided self storage in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne for over 25 years. Storage and the King family go hand in hand. My Father wanted to invest long term in a business which provides a simple and valued service. And that is what we do; provide a value for money, practical and simple solution to storage needs. All of our family have worked in this business.

Andrew: What are the most important things for you in this business?
Julie King: What is really important to us is that customers want to come back when they next need storage. To do that, we need to be the cleanest and safest place to store and we need to do what we say.
Also, we enjoy giving good advice to customers who are unfamiliar with moving and storing goods. We can make the move less stressful and minimise costly mistakes.

Andrew: Does that mean that you cost more?
Julie King: We are a low cost family business so we don’t need to take high margins to pay for TV and radio advertising. We offer secure, clean and conveniently located storage centres and are price competitive.

Andrew: How much does it cost?
Julie King: It depends on the size of the storage unit that you choose, From $80 a month to $550 a month.

Andrew: How does storage work?
Julie King: If you need temporary storage, we can recommend a storage unit (storage shed) that is sufficient for your needs, not too big, not too small. You select a unit and bring your goods to the store and put them in your space. You secure the unit with your lock and you keep the key. You may come in and out as often as you wish. The minimum period for storage is 1 month. After that it is entirely up to you. The storer has ultimate flexibility.

Andrew: I am sure you see some strange things stored but what do people typically store?
Julie King: Oh well, we have seen most things. In one of our stores we have a baby submarine but mostly we have household goods, such as furniture and white goods, documents or commercial stock. E-Bay traders often find the flexibility of self storage is cost effective. So do retailers with seasonal demands and also students. Overseas travellers often use self storage to safely secure their goods whilst they are away.

Andrew: Which size storage sheds do you have?
Julie King: We have 40 different sizes from 1.5m x1.5m up to 90m2. Or another way to describe it is from a small hall cupboard size, or bathroom size or small bedroom or garage size or mini-warehouse.

Andrew: Who uses storage?
Julie King: All sorts. Businesses, retirees, downsizers, families, Family Estates, travelers, students.

Andrew: Why do people use self storage?
Julie King: People use self storage because they have a short term or variable need for storage. Sometimes moving house, sometimes relationship breakdowns or family estates. Many of our commercial and business customers are trying to reduce the high cost of office or shop space by moving financial records and stock away out of the office or shop.
Andrew: Is it safe?

Julie King: We have never, in all our 5 businesses, over 25 years , had a theft from a self storage unit. It is very safe and we do everything we can to make sure that you find everything as you left it. We have monitored CCTV , access systems and alarms and fire systems to make sure we cover all the risks. Each unit is individually alarmed.

Andrew: So why do you recommend taking insurance?
Julie King: We always recommend insurance because it provides for the unexpected. Nobody expects to have a house fire, for example, but it does happen and insurance provides peace of mind.

Andrew: Why should people store at My Self Storage Glen Waverley?
Julie King: Because we try harder to provide our customers with a storage solution that works for them. We have mature experienced staff who can give advice if it is needed and we do what we say. No tricky fees, charges or additions, just a good all in price. And a move-in truck if you need us.

Andrew: Over the last 25 years what are the major changes in self storage?
Julie King: A lot of people now understand how self storage can really help when things change. Moving house, downsizing, travelling or on student term breaks. Also, businesses are now much more aware of the cost of high priced retail and office space for storing excess or seasonal stock and records. Customers want after hours access but at the same time they want their things to be safe. We find that our Free Move-in Truck is very convenient, saves time, is cost effective and is easy to drive.