In part 2 of our series we talk boxes…

Have plenty of boxes handy.

You’ll need plenty of boxes and more than you think, and having enough boxes will make your life easier! Ask Andrew your friendly Self Storage Manager for the sizes and quantity you will need.

Set aside at least 10 boxes to use for last minute items on moving day, such as bedding, clothing, and cleaning gear. You’ll need strong packaging tape to close up the boxes securely. Use butchers paper available from your manager or packing paper or bubble wrap to wrap and cushion household goods. Again, you’ll need lots more supplies than you thought, so get extra so the packing can go smoothly.

Utilize Port A Robe styled boxes.
These tall boxes are perfect for bulky, lightweight items such as comforters, pillows, and blankets, as well as clothes that need to remain hanging. You can also use them for blankets, shoe boxes, and other bulky items such as fabric rolls, large baskets, or gift wrap tubes. Don’t make the boxes too heavy to lift! Not all removalists look like Arnie!

Strategize Wardrobe box use.
A few days before your move, fill some sturdy handled shopping bags with bulky closet items such as shoes, sweaters, belts, and jeans. On moving day, fill the bottom of the wardrobe boxes with some of the shopping bags, then add your hanging clothing. Pack hanging items tightly so things won’t move around and fall off of hangers. Finally, cover the shoulders of your clothes (a dry cleaning bag works well), then add a few purses or sweaters on top. You’ll have fewer boxes, and closet items remain together.