Moving HI FI – Multimedia – Home Theatre Equipment.

Hi FI and AV gear is complicated! A multimedia receiver could have as many 20 or more connections. Turn off all equipment to start. Disconnect speaker cables to start. Label the ends of the cables and reuse them in the same order. This will reduce the chances of getting cables out of ‘Phase”. Its essential for cables to reconnected the same way to ensure your speakers sound the same.

Components once removed should be cleaned. Dust is the biggest killer of Hi Fi gear – remove all dust, use a paintbrush to clean around fascias and terminals.

TV’s need to be packed very well to avoid damage and Plasma and LCD flat screens must remain upright. If you don’t have the original carton for your TV, ask the Manager to order you one.

Complicated Hi Fi setups can be made a bit easier with good labels on each lead. Colour coding works as well. Some cables are specific to equipment, for example HDMI 1.4 cables are different to HDMI 1.3. Mix them up and the next 3D movie might be 2D instead of 3D!

Don’t make boxes to heavy as gear may fall out the bottom of the carton.

Package all gear in boxes with plenty of padding. HI FI Gear is delicate. DVD players often have a device to “Park the Heads” for transit. Have a look on the bottom of the unit. Turntables should have the arms secured so the stylus can’t hit the platter in transit.

Protect the frontal area of your speakers. The cones are prone to damage and older speakers can tear at the first touch, rendering them useless.

If you’re not sure about hooking all your gear back up, consider engaging a home theatre specialist to reinstall your system.