Moving the contents of your home can be a daunting task. There is much to remember and depending on how much help you have, the workload can be high. In the removals business, time is money, so do what you can to minimise the time they take to move you out.

Our Self Storage facility can help you with all of the moving materials that you’re going to need like cartons and tape and bubble wrap. Do not underestimate how many boxes at you will need: you will be very surprised at how many you will go through in the process of packing up all of your belongings. Don’t forget the garage or the tool shed, these can consume a lot of boxes especially for tools. Make sure that you use good-quality cartons as tools were sharp points can poke through easily.

Use at least three pieces of tape on the bottom of each box and also one piece at 90°. This will help prevent the bottom falling out of the box. A label for each box is ideal but a Texta will do the same job. Don’t commit the contents to memory: you might remember now what you put in the box but in a month when you unpack, you won’t remember!

If you are going to access your Self Storage space when your goods are being stored in preparation for your new home, consider storing the items that you may need access to the front of your space it will make it much easier to access them if you need to.

Many removalists charge by the hour. Assemble all of your boxes in the one place if you can as it will reduce the amount of travelling time within your home when the removalists is loading the truck. It’s all about saving time.

If you need any other advice about moving or storing your goods, ask our friendly staff who are ready to help you with any of your needs.