2015 is the year for you to declutter your home! There is no better time to considering decluttering your spare bedroom, the family room or the garage.

Garages are often used as storage spaces and whilst this may provide a handy storage space with convenience, it sidesteps the primary use of the garage which is of course to house your cars or cars.

Self Storage space is ultimately cheaper than using garage space for storage. Cars deteriorate faster outside, in colder climates they freeze over and importantly are exposed to potential theft.

Sometimes a consideration is to move to a bigger house or unit as it seems “you have run out of space”, often all you need is a clean-up and for items not used regularly then a storage space is often the solution.

Business is no different, there is no need to store records or other rarely used stuff in offices, they cost too much to rent. Self Storage is the alternative, with space for all types of business storage available.

We can store your Christmas holiday decorations as well, they can take up a lot of space, use Self Storage to regain the space in your home.

Sporting goods remain Christmas favourites, these can range from cricket sets to Jet Skis. You can probably find space for a cricket set, but Jet Skis might need to be stored in one of our secure spaces.

No one can access our site without a valid PIN number for the gate, only customers who have storage have access to our site.

We have a range of packaging to help with your decluttering plan for 2015. Use our book and wine cartons for smaller items, larger boxes are ideal for spare blankets, plastic items and much more. Protect your valuable goods with bubble wrap, pack each item securely. Crockery should be wrapped in ink free wrapping paper.

We have a great range of second hand cartons for you  to choose from as well.