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Start saving space in your office

An office space without adequate storage space can easily become a dumping ground full of old, unused items and paperwork. Turn your cluttered office into a clean and tidy place that streamlines productivity by storing excess office gear in My Self Storage Glen Waverley.

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Event promo gear

If you have promotional gear such as tables, banners and table cloths that you only use once on a while, store them in My Self Storage Glen Waverley to stop them from taking up valuable space in your office.

Excess stock and inventory

Excess stock and inventory taking over your workspace? Store your excess stock in a storage unit from My Self Storage Glen Waverley. We have a wide variety of units sizes to accommodate all your inventory storage needs.

Paperwork and documents

If you have important documents such as contracts, invoices, employment contracts or receipts lying around the office, box them up and store them in a My Self Storage Glen Waverley storage unit.

Office furniture

Office furniture is expensive so if it no longer fits in your office it is still worth hanging on to. If you have old desks, chairs and filing cabinets taking up space in your board room or one of your meeting rooms, free up that space by using My Self Storage Glen Waverley.