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One of the biggest challenges of running an online business is finding somewhere cost-effective yet secure to store your inventory. You don’t want your stock taking over your home and you don’t want to risk over-ordering and a lack of stock impacting your business. At My Self Storage Glen Waverley, we take this stress away by offering a variety of affordable and secure storage options as well as operating as a parcel distribution and collection centre.

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Store stock and inventory

Save space at home and keep your work and private life separate by storing your online store’s stock and inventory in a secure storage unit at My Self Storage Glen Waverley.

Parcel distribution

Store and distribute parcels and inventory in one secure location with My Self Storage Glen Waverley. Distributing straight from your inventory location will save you costly trips to and from your stock and a distribution centre.

Imported goods collection

Save time and money by getting your online business stock directly delivered to your storage unit. With an on-site forklift driver available upon request, we can assist with storing large quantities of stock.

Seasonal Stock

If your online business sells seasonal stock (such as fans, air conditioners, heaters or seasonal decor) you can store them in our secure storage facility during off-seasons. Storing these items while you wait for busy seasons can be more cost-effective than sending them back to suppliers.


Storage Estimator

How much space do I need for my personal goods.

Don’t pay for space you don’t need. We have over 25 different size units that increment every 1/2 metre so finding a size to suit is a breeze. You can even book and hold a unit and if on the day it doesn’t suit we are happy to swap. No need to panic use the pictorial adjacent to secure your best estimate.

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Purely boxes

1.5m x 1.5m

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Most popular for retirees

2m x 2m

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Versatile boxes and furniture

3m x 1.5m

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4 bedroom to 3 bedroom

3m x 2m

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House to apartment

2.5m x 2.5m

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House to Nursing home

3m x 3m

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