Don’t underestimate the value of the recycled box.  A simple box is often taken for granted however it is probably one of the most used items in the world.  So where would you go to buy a box?  We once went to our local retailer, who was all too happy to give them away but those days have gone.  Even in your local Bunnings store complete boxes are rarities with most being cut for display purposes?

Packing, storing, sending, importing, exporting or simply moving house we all need boxes.  Consider moving a standard 3 bedroom home, you would require in the vicinity of 60 boxes and if you bought them new the cost would be upwards of $250.  Considering you are more than likely to throw them out once used, why not give the recycled box a go.

You could go from store to store collecting unused boxes but

this takes time and you would end up with a multitude of sizes.  We at My Self Storage have done the work for you.  We constantly have between 8 and 10 different size recycled boxes available.  You can purchase anywhere from 1 box to a whole pallet of boxes. You can choose all one size or mix and match and prices start as low as $1.50 per box.

We have a regular supply of boxes and all are displayed in our shop at 705 Springvale Road Mulgrave.  You can also find us on Ebay at  Contact us today.