If your goods are worth storing they are worth insuring. Self Storage companies like us offer specialist Self Storage insurance which can be purchased for low-cost at the time of move in.

Whilst all care is taken to look after your valuable goods, there are some events that can be out of our control like major storms and major structural damage. Unless you take out self Storage Insurance, any damage to your goods are covered in events like this. Some insurance companies offer cover for your goods on your household policy, but after the recent run of major catastrophes around Australia, many companies no longer offer cover for your goods whilst in Self Storage.

It’s up to you to keep your goods covered for any damage or mishap whilst they are in Self Storage. We have simple and cost-effective Self Storage Insurance that will cover you in the unlikely event of damage to your goods. For some businesses this cost is tax-deductible. Ask the manager for details about our low cost cover.