Have you considered using Self Storage in your business? Rates per Square metre are increasing all the time for office and business rentals, so Self Storage makes a good case for a value alternative.

Businesses need to store records for up to 7 years and paper takes up space. Archive boxes are used to storage these records and we have a good range of archive boxes to suit your needs. Don’t make them too heavy though!

Older records should be stored with a “destroy Date” and when you store them in the storage space, store them by destroy date. That way the oldest records are disposed of first.

Unless you know that you won’t need office furniture in the future, then Self Storage space makes good economic sense. Storing excess office furniture allows for planning for growth in the future. We have a range of storage merchandise to make that office storage idea really work.

Plumbers can tender for larger jobs as they can store extra plumbing supplies in Self Storage ready for the job. Common in electrical trades are special offers for buying in bulk, cable drums take up a lot of space and these are ideally stored with us in our high security self storage  spaces.

We have flexible hours and should business storers have a need for access to their business storage space outside the normal access hours, please contact us in our office so we can talk to you about extended access hours.

We want to make it easy for businesses to use Self storage to store excess stock (hopefully it was all sold in the post-Christmas sale and we make access to your space easy.

Importers can use Self Storage to house the contents of recently arrived containers, and importers can take advantage of our flexible sized spaces only paying for the space you need and for the time needed.