Removalists have offered Storage services for many years. Some old style removalists still have repository storage for their customers. Repository storage was popular before Self Storage.

Removalists are often the first to be contacted when it comes to moving house and that’s natural. Many removalists will offer storage services. Potential customers should consider their options before committing with a removalist:

  1. Is the Storage space offered at the removalist premises or at a storage facility?
  2. If the Storage is at the removalists own premises, what options do you have to access the goods if need be?
  3. What level of security does the removalist offer?
  4. Are your goods automatically insured?

If the removalist offers you a Self Storage space at a facility close by, make sure that you are the signatory to the agreement. If you are you are then responsible for all access and payments. If the removalist organizes the Self Storage space and for some reason does not pay the account, your goods could be disposed of without your knowledge.

Even if you know where your good are stored, you may not be granted access as you are not a signatory to the storage agreement.

So if you are not sure about your storage options, talk with us, we are Self Storage professionals! Ask Julie or Andrew for more advice.