Spring is a great time for Self Storage

As the days grow longer in Spring and its not so cold, our focus turns to moving or de cluttering. Real Estate agents are reporting that 75% or more of Auctions are clearing; real Estate prices are on the move as well.

To sell your home for the maximum value there are many things you can do to improve your chances of selling and agents will tell you is to remove the clutter that builds in any home or unit. If you plan to list your home, then making sure its attractive to a buyer is paramount. Using Self Storage to help with your excess goods is ideal. Work out what you need and store everything else. This will make your home seem a lot bigger than it is and allow for a new buyer to visualise how their own furniture will fit in your place.

Places like Bunning’s and Masters have great Storage options. Large plastic bins work well for Storage and we also have a range of merchandise suited for your Storage needs like Port a robes, large and small boxes and bubble wrap and tape. Take out all your winter clothes and put them in Port a robes and store them. Clean out the shed and store all of your tools. Don’t pack up stuff then stuff it in cupboards.

Buyers open doors and will not want to see your clutter! They are trying to image their own clutter in your cupboards! Make it easy for them.

Let us help with your moving and Self Storage needs.