The joy of the Christmas holidays is important to many people. But where do we store all those boxes of decorations? Perhaps the boxes are kept in the garage or shed, or the spare bedroom. Maybe your decorations are stored in the roof!

They are then subject to rats, pest and bugs who make their nests in your family’s prized treetop angel! It can be very disappointing come next December to find your holiday items ruined by pests.

Rent a storage space from us to make your Christmas fun easier. Our units are treated for pests.

Christmas lights have a tendency to become tangled and nearly impossible to straighten out when the time comes again next year. By having a specific storage unit in which to store them, gives you room to pack them appropriately instead of compacting them to save space. Use cord savers to prevent tangling.

Renting a storage unit and purchasing boxes will hold the type items you will be storing. Ask about our range of boxes.

Happy New Year!