Not all Self Storage is the same!
Storers Should Be Wary of Some Self Storage offers in the marketplace that might not compare directly to traditional Self Storage that we offer.


In our Self Storage facility we take security seriously. We have controlled access via PIN and we don’t allow access by another other persons other than those authorised. Your goods are stored in your space with your padlock on our premises. Not on your front lawn where everyone knows you have goods stored inside!

Range of sizes

We offer a good range of sizes so you pay the least amount for your Self Storage space. Save money!


As our storage spaces do not get loaded onto trucks or offloaded and then stacked up in a warehouse, the opportunity for your precious valuables to be damaged is almost negligible. There are plenty of documented cases where goods are damaged in transit.

Undisclosed Charges

We will charge you a monthly Storage fee. We don’t have any delivery and pick up charges for your space. There have been cases where mobile operators charge different rates once signed up.

Whilst it might be convenient to have a storage unit delivered to your home or business, be aware of some of the pitfalls. Your goods after loading are at the mercy of a truck driver; some are great some are bad. Timber containers can hold mold and damage your goods.

Self Storage in our facility is of the highest standard with clean storage units that stay put, don’t have mold and are secure, we even offer Insurance.

So carefully decide weather traditional Self Storage might be the better option for your valuable goods.