Storing with Friends and Family. Good idea?

Matt takes up the story,

“It seemed like a good idea: save money by storing stuff with a friend. I had moved out of home, and had a fair bit of gear. I moved in with some guys out of school. I had my bed , my old school stuff a 42 inch plasma I played XBOX on , all my games, my laptop, my Kayak, and most of this stuff was in my bedroom!

Dad had said make sure you get some basic home contents insurance. Blah Blah Blah….

I should have listened. I came home in the early hours of Sunday morning after a fairly big night out, to find my room was empty – and I mean empty, there was only my dirty towel from the morning shower.

We had been broken into and they had taken everything I own. Later on we found it was a mate of one of my roommates. He had a drug habit and he took all my stuff and sold it the next day top feed his habit.

He took all my camping gear that I had been building up as well. It was in the garage.

My roommates and I don’t really get on now. Their stuff was ransacked but not taken. I am the one now with nothing.”

Matts story is not unusual. Firstly, he should have taken his Dads advice. He might now have a bed!

Importantly, when you can’t be sure of the security of your belongings, then storing them in one of our Self Storage spaces will give you piece of mind.

Your valuables can be insured for any loss or damage as well; we have very low premiums, as our Self Storage facility is safe.

Storing with roommates, friends and family can end in tears if the gear goes missing or is damaged.

Household cover is very limited in this area and you should check if your goods are covered at your friend’s place – you might find one of our Self Storage spaces a much cheaper alternative!

Give Andrew or Julie a call today and we can discuss your storage needs. We can help you with packaging and removals as well.

We are here to help!