Storing With Friends – Good Or Bad?

“It seemed like a good idea at the time. It was time to move out of home and move in with my mates. It all started off well, we all contributed to the rent, we shared the washing up, until one of the guys lost his job.

He decided that he would move back in with mum and dad – and guess what? He did not take all his belongings with him. He said “I’ll come back and pick them up soon” weeks and weeks later and after many phone calls his stuff is still in the spare room. We can’t rent it out and now we have to pay each year of the rent”.

This is a real story and one that is not too uncommon. Sometimes we unwittingly become involved in the Self Storage business when we don’t want to – we get asked if we can just store some gear from little while, mostly in the garage. The $60,000 car has to sit outside w whilst the $100 dollar lounge takes pride of place along with assorted boxes and other junk.

Inevitably a few weeks turns out to be months. You feel bad when you bring it up and you look like you don’t care. Garages and homes are not really set up for Self Storage.

Then there is the Insurance aspect. In the event of a fire or flood your goods, depending on the cover will be covered. You can’t say the same for the goods that you have stored for someone else. They are not your goods and don’t appear on your policy.

You will really stretch the friendship if you damage the goods that you have stored, even if it is an accident. Again this is not an insurance claim.

Garages at houses are expensive – much more than the cost of a Self Storage unit and don’t offer the same security as most Self Storage units do.

So reconsider that offer to store the kids or your friend’s goods – it can end up in tears and lost friendships. We have a full range of sizes to suit your relatives and your friends Self Storage.

It may even pay you to put their gear in storage so you are not inconvenienced by them storing with you.

Self Storage provides specialist access to the space seven days a week and units are secure. CCTV surveillance offers protection against theft in self storage facilities have specialist insurance policies to make sure the goods are covered in the event of damage.

It’s nice to help our friends and relatives but sometimes it’s better to say no than to deal with the problems of storing other people’s goods.