We tier our prices to suit all budgets for each and every unit size.  From Budget to Premium we have a price to suit.

Location and price are the biggest determining features that influence a storers choice in a storage facility.  My Self storage has recognised the importance of this. Many facilities look to simplify the storage model through staffing cuts, the emergence of call centres and standardising storage options. This attitude can tend to put everyone in the same basket but it is our belief at My Self Storage that the best way to attract new business is a flexible model that enables us to better meet your needs. What better way than price ourselves within our customers’ expectations?

Everyone wants the best price when it comes to Storage space.  Whether you are moving, renovating, downsizing or building this transition often comes at a cost.  During this transition, storage is often the solution but at what cost will this come. The storage industry has certainly come along way entrenching itself in every neighbourhood.  This is excellent for you the customer with the average standard unit price dropping over the past few years.

Even with this drop there is still a significant market segment that still finds storage costs to be excessive.  They simply choose to put up with the clutter sacrificing garage space or the spare room. Some even risk the safety and protection of their goods by choosing alternatives like storing in someone else’s spare room or a shipping container in the middle of a paddock.  We have seen and heard it all and we are here to help.

Without sacrifice to the security and safety of your goods we have created a facility the boasts a tiered pricing system across all unit sizes.  Just like airlines we striped away all the so called comforts that help pad the price or a standard unit. If you are price conscious why not sacrifice some creature comforts and choose one of our budget storage options.  If you can’t do without these comforts our premium option we meet all your expectations. We even have some odd sods that represent the best value hands down but you will need to get in quick as these go fast. You will find our tiered prices from the cheapest Promo Unit to Budget Upper and Ground levels and finishing with our Premium Ground floor unit all listed on our rates page or simply book online now.